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  2. Hi guys i just found this game, my question is game alive, if nots will it be and when?
  3. Still no ETA. We will inform all of u when the time has come.
  4. When is the game planned to be released?
  5. Hi, unfortunately I have to deliver bad news to you, as I have just learned, our esteemed friend and developer Alexei (@AlexRedd) died of a heart attack that night. Rest in Peace, well all will miss u!
  6. failed to connect to update server. check that you have a working internet connection and you are not behind a proxy or firewall. My system Firewall DÄ°SABLED! My system NO PROXY!
  7. Hii guys I'm planning on being a zombie this year with my friends and I am all good pretty much for the makeup part I just need some ideas for the zombie cheap halloween costumes any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.
  8. HERE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS VIDEO! Just hit the Link. If u have trouble watching it, keep it on "Pause" for a few minutes for better Playback.
  9. It's a long time ago that we have given information from us. At the moment it is not so easy. 3 people from the team still have Real Life difficulties, but for some reason, I do not want to go any further here. But since it was rumored here and there that we stay offline, I have to make it out of the world. We will go online again when the time comes, and our Staff is back to his old Strenght. Here are a few pictures, what we have done in the meantime. Including a completely new map, 4x4 square kilometers. Here is the link to the album: https://imgur.com/a/Wa6ejiE See ya soon @everyone, ZH Staff
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