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    Hey guys, as promised here are some props I'm actually working on. Give us some feedback regarding the props below. Regards, ZOMBIE HUNTERS STAFF-TEAM Military Props Cliff Rock Environments Props Fences Nature
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    Dear community, It's time to announce a few information regarding the beta test phase which will start tomorrow at 8:00 pm ETC Why are we running a beta phase? We're running the beta phase to gain feedback from YOU guys to make the game better. Therefore we need information such as - how's the loot on official server - how's the performance while you're playing the game - how are the new features ingame We need basically every single bug / crash report from you to provide a great game before we release the game for everyone. We will also take suggestions / ideas really serious in case you have some. Keep in mind that the beta test phase is a test, so you won't get any advantage towards other players. We need to wipe the testers global inventory as soon as the beta test has been finished. We also think about some rewards for you guys but we're not sure what kind of rewards you'll get. Don't worry about that we will reward you guys for the great support and we really do appreciate your feedback. Alright guys, just comment below why we should chose you for the beta test phase and we will announce it on our forums who will be a part of it. Regards, // Zombie Hunters DEV TEAM
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    Для начала я бы хотел извиниться за то что долго отсутствовал. По итогу - Античит был переписан с нуля и более менее восстановлен. Но некоторые его функции не хотели работать так, как я задумывал изначально. Поскольку вся эта тема относительно сложная, я терял мотивацию изо дня в день, что привело к моей нерешительности для завершения проекта. Но я могу объявить с радостью; Античит функционирует и выполняет свою работу. Возможно в будущем, мне придется сделать несколько небольших изменений - но, думаю и сейчас его работоспособность выглядит совсем не плохо. Теперь я могу перейти к «более важным» вещам, таким как отладка и исправление ошибок частых сбоев и крашей сервера, и конечно же краши из за быстрого респауна и транспортных средств, которые в будущем после отладки мы снова вернём на наши карты. С уважением aLca
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    So first I have to apologize for the fact for the long delay from my side. Long story short; The anticheat was more or less rebuild from scratch, and some features did not want to work in the way I would have wished - as it is so often in life. Since the topic is relatively complex, I lost a little motivation from day to day, which made it all the more hesitant to finish the project. But, i can announce with joy; its doing meanwhile what it should do. Possibly i'll have to make some smaller tweaks - but as far we're happy with it right now. Now i can move to "more important" projects like debugging and bug fixing 2-3 relatively hard-to-reproduce crashes, and of course the Fast-respawn crash regarding to Vehicles, that we have as soon again the Option to Respawn on all our Maps. So far, aLca
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    Hey guys, Patch #19 is ready to roll out! Our Asset Guy @Crymears was busy as hell the last weeks to improve alot of Assets, also introducing a complete revamped VSS Vintorez Model. The game will run even more smoother then before with all the LOD Models, what should be noticeable in the FPS and more. Furthermore, after the improvements were done, he started to redesign Colorado V2. The first Part is Boulder City. Ps; The Community asked for a Night Vision Gas Mask, and just 2 Days later here we go. Important: Its important to Download this Luncher Update manual -> NEW LAUNCHER UPDATE! Important²: We recommend a fresh Download of the Setup or .bin Files via Launcher, to avoid unseen problems with the new Patch! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Optimized Buildings _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reconstruction of Boulder City
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    Hey guys, thanks for ur Patience! Here the quick 'n dirty Patchnotes. Adressed some of the Crashes. Adressed some Memory Leakes due to our Asset Encryption. Fixed some Spots on ColoradoV2 about too much Super Zombies Spawning. Fixed some other small issues on ColoradoV2. New Intro Video. This time, its using your Ingame Volume Settings. Also, you can skip it via Left Mouse Button. (But who wants that, by such cool Intro? ;)) Completely new Launcher! As the old one, it is based on SWF + ActionScript 3.0. Our highly trained Apes gave their best, we hope you can enjoy it from now! Server Status: ONLINE!
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    Dear Community, we want to inform you about all the changes which happened in the last days. Since the start of our "Beta Phase". Let's jump into it! New Features: The new Launcher is now fully functional and will get a better-looking design really soon! The CommCall System: We change that you need to press "G" / "H" instead of "Alt" to open the CommCall menu. We also added the new UI for it on the right side of your Screen. & We added a little arrow above your Cars so you can see easily which are is yours. Bug / Crash fixes: Fixed the crashes related to "bad event 119"! Fixed the crashes related to the "normal" spawning cars! Fixed the bugs related to the "CommCalls" system! Fixed a bug related to the Animations in the Main-Menu! Tweaked some settings related to the Fast-Load system! Changes / Fixes: Added that if you find a Gun on a Private / Premium Server that the Weapon is always full. (We might change this also for Official Servers!) Fixed the misspelled "Riffle Case" it's now showing the original name "Rifle Case". Disabled the function that you can instantly drop your Weapon with the key "G". We decided to rework a function for the driver in a vehicle. It should be smoother than before. We are also investigating the issue for the co-driver getting this weird lags! Loot / Map changes: Fixed the Zombie drops. All Zombies should now drop Items again! Decreased the amount of GD which a Zombie can drop. The Loot of the whole map will be reworked in the next days, it's too much work for one day sry. Added Car spawns Found issues: We are still investigating the issue with the "Mutant Super-Zombie and Super-Zombie" that they instantly respawn after they get killed. If you have any question feel free to ask us here! //ZombieHunters DEV-TEAM Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Website: zombie-hunters.com User Panel: UserPanel VK Group: vk.com/zh_game Telegram Group: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
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    Fixed Fastload related Bugs (Toxic Ares, Gas Area (BR Mode), Mission Redeempoints in Safezones). Improved Serverside Dupe Detection. Fully reworked from scratch Killfeed System. Changed Barricade Despawn Timer on PVP Server(s) - now 30 Minutes. Removed XP Rewards from PVP No Drop Server(s). Improved Item Spawns in Campos City. Added Music Trigger Areas around ColoradoV2 (Scary Sounds in our Options Menu). Removed Carspawners for PVP Server(s). Several minor tweaks on ColoradoV2 Lightning. Following changes have been Undo from our Last Patch: Updated Fastload System - it will cause alot less lag / stuttering on Loading Objects near u. Sadly this was causing alot of Problems, so we had to revert the changes. I will still work on it to improve this System.
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    Fixed a Vehicle(s) Bug, u wont get kicked from the server(s) anymore after leaving the Vehicle. Fixed a Bug at Sniper Scopes while pressing the TAB Key. Fixed drop weapon while reloadig. (G-key) Disabled drop items in Vehicle(s) - reason: caused a kick from the Server. Fixed a Bug at our KillFeed. Fixed food stats for premium Accounts - It didnt reset to 100% after respawning. Removed the Frontend Map in our Menu - it was causing too high GPU Load. Removed Spawnprotection for group respawn. Changed FMOD Sound SDK Version the reason was simple, sometimes it caused a random Crash from time to time. Fixed daily rewards - we had to Reset it, for that we added all Players 7 Days Premium and 7 Days XP Boosters. Removed game time limit from NO DROP and PVP Server(s). Removed game time limit from Premium Servers, and opened Premium Server 2-5. Added private Servers - Now you can rent your personal Server! Reduced Bullet Lifetime - it will cause less FPS drops! Removed the Logout timer if u stand in a Safezone. Small Respawn Update in Safezone(s) - u will respawn in the exact same place after Logout/Login.
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    Addressed some Random Crashes (If u still crash from time to time, please contact an Admin for further help!) Added Detection for Dupe(s) (Charles Web Proxy) - u will be banned Instantly on detection. Fixed Duration(s) of a few Weapons. Adressed a Problem at our Fastload System, some stuttering what could happen when u enter a Major city should be gone. Please leave us some Feedback! Update at 07.50 AM (CEST) Fixed a small Bug on the Gameserver(s), all Server Side crashes should be gone for now. Server Status: ONLINE!
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    Обновления игры: Исправлено поведение транспортных средств. Теперь когда игрок возродился и вошёл в любой автомобиль в качестве пассажира, автомобиль больше не улетает. Исправлены ошибки, связанные с частицами от производителей AMD GPU. Исправлена ошибка в главном меню, которая время от времени вызывала случайный краш игры. Исправлена ошибка в отчетах о сбоях. С этого момента файлы MiniDump.dmp будут созданы снова, что поможет нам улучшить игру. Улучшена производительность игровых серверов, а так же производительность процессора (Если раньше к примеру у двух-ядерного пк загружалось только одно ядро на 100%, то теперь нагрузка делится на 2 ядра по 50%) Благодаря этому, мы можем размещать на сервере большое количество игровых серверов. Слегка усовершенствован Античит. Добавлена кнопка "Бросить оружие" Стандартная кнопка "G" чтобы сбросить. Исправлены ряды групп игровых багов связанных с возрождением игрока в группе рядом с игроком в любых автомобилях. Улучшена система продажи предметов. Вебсайт / Личный кабинет: Переписан функционал "Регистрация" и "Забыли пароль" в личном кабинете. Вскоре появится объявление о том, когда игра станет общедоступной!
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    Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm super hyped for Zombie Hunters. Finally someone who's competent managed to create a reboot of the amazing game, we all loved back in it's day. The sad truth is that, as we all know, the original I:SS died due to being neglected by its developers and as a cosequence of that, a massive influx of cheaters. What worries me though is not neglectance but the ladder, which brings me right to my question: How good is the anti-cheat of this game going to be? Of course, cheaters are going to be inevitable but still, do you guys have any experience in that field? It would be a shame to see this game brought to its knees by cheaters. My other question is about private servers. Are you planning on introducing an option to rent servers like in the original game or are we even going to get an option to create our own ones? I just learned of this game a few days ago and haven't managed to dive deeper into its contents or patchnotes. If the answers to any of my questions were already covered in a previous post, I'm really sorry for wasting your time. Besides from that, I'm really hoping this game turns out better than other I:SS reboots but it's looking very promising so far. I wish the developers best of luck for the future and if this game does indeed turn out to be as good as it looks, I'll be sure to support it as best as I can. Thank's in advance ?
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    Hey guys, small Update about the Hotfix Server Downtime. Fixed the Crash related to Loading to 100% on joining Server, and crashing. (Atleast it should be! Sadly cant promise it to 100%!) Fixed Zombie Navigation Mesh on ColoradoV2 Disabled the Intro Movie due to some Technical Difficulties - also it will come back with adjusted Volume next time. Kinda improved FPS, and FPS stability (less random FPS drops) Small note: Tomorrow, after some Sleep we will bring back the Ingame Music. sorry for the inconvenience - have fun and good night! Server Status: ONLINE
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    Dear Community, we want to inform you about all the changes which happened in the last days. Let's jump into it! (Some info regarding the Moderator application is down in the "to-do" section) New Features: Added a new feature called "Dynamic Crosshairs" some of our crosshairs now interact if you spray, the crosshair gets "bigger". Added window borderless mode. We added a new SuperZombie Model which is harder to kill, but you can get better loot! Added a cutscene if you start the game! Added a Loadout System! U can now Save ur Favorite Items, and Load them with a few simple Clicks. The function to load a Loadout while ure Dead and in the Respawn Screen can u expect with the next Major Patch. Bug / Crash fixes: Fixed a bug/crash related to reloading a gun. This was a weird bug, but we found the issue and fixed it! Reduces CPU usage from the Launcher and Client! Fixed a crash which you got if you are close to Frosty Pines! We fixed a lot of crashes/bugs related to our Fastload system! We are still working hard on finding the last crashes to get a stable game Changes / Fixes: Fixed that the "Mutant Super Zombie and SuperZombie" respawned instant after it got killed. Fixed some stuff related to the anti-cheat system. Due to community feedback did we rework the marketplace. Loot / Map changes: Added flashbangs to the Loot table. Reworked some loot spawns all over the Colorado V2 map. Fixed terrain issues all over the Colorado V2 map. Reduced the amount of the Gamedollar drops from Zombies (a tiny bit). To-do: We are currently reworking the tree collisions, the reason for this is that the collisions are not fitting the actual model. During the Beta test, we said that there will be a new UI with the release but unfortunately, we are not done with it. We will release it as soon as we finished it! We are also still working on the rewards for the Beta testers, we will add them as soon as they are ready! We are currently working on a new area for Colorado V2. It's still being created at the moment so we probably include it within the next patch! Keep in mind that we're investing our free time to develop the game so therefore we're looking for Moderators. If you think that you can fit in our Team and you have knowledge how to "Moderate a game" feel free to fill out our Application form! Due to some technical issues the donation system has been disabled. More Infos here: If you have any question feel free to ask us here! //ZombieHunters DEV-TEAM Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Website: zombie-hunters.com User Panel: UserPanel VK Group: vk.com/zh_game Telegram Group: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
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    I would like to apply the beta acces because of the following: 1.Im a veteran player who have seen the fall of WarZ and then other emulators. 2.I have YT channel + some cinematic videos like trailers and experience in making similar videos ( can be helpful to promote the game). 3.I am a honest guy so I would give my objective opinion on the things that need to be fixed/changed. All I realy want is to feel the ISS vibes again and to have fun in the game where Devs care and players are satisfied. Regards, SurZeus
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    Dear Community, we want to inform you about all the changes which happened in the last weeks. Since "we" started working on the game with our new Team (more infos here). Let's jump into it! New Features: Ingame Respawn is back. (We were able to fix all the issues regarding the respawn system) Fast load! We are still trying to optimize this system, to make it as smooth as possible! We added 3 New Vehicles! + Added some features + More in the Bug/Crash fixes section! Zombies are only spawning if a player is in the radius of the Zombie spawn location. We added some new Weapons such as: Honey Badger Custom, Pecheneg, and many more! New User Panel! New Nature Assets are on the way to get more of the Apocalyptic feeling We've added a brand new feature which lets you mark positions on the map! Basically, you can mark a point in front of you for your teammates to make a ''callout''. Enough said I'll post this GIF to make the small progress clear for everybody in here! https://gyazo.com/d4cbfcbf56735b234d232233af3b0413 Removed the old RakNet (Network Engine) with SlikNet, it has lots of bug fixes, buffer overflows are fixed, and many more. Fixed a handful of Bugs on the FrontEnd (Scaleform), know Actionscript 3 Bugs have been adressed. Bug / Crash fixes: We were able to fix many of the Car crashes since we reworked 80% of the Car System! PhysX related Crashes have been fixed! We are still investigating some stuff related to PhysX. We fixed some bugs related to the "GPU buffer" you should have better performance overall now! A handful of other Crashes have been spotted and fixed too. We're working hard to fix the last remaining Crash. Unfortunately, this is absolutely random, and is tricky to fix, as all Player around Crash / Freeze at the same time. But we are on a good way! Fixed some map relates issue such as: render distance of 90% of all Objects, Collection issues, LOD issues. New Assets: Our Main Asset Developer is working almost 24/7 to bring some new look&feel to the Game, here is a small Example what SooN™ will be added ingame. If you have any question feel free to ask us here! //ZombieHunters DEV-TEAM Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Website: zombie-hunters.com User Panel: UserPanel VK Group: vk.com/zh_game Telegram Group: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
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    Hey guys, if ur Game just "Closing" after starting, and u get one of this messages in ur r3dlog "Injected dll detected! Base: 69Fxxxxx" please do the following Steps: Navigate to C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools Run NvCameraConfiguration.exe At the buttom of the window set the NVcamera status to disabled then hit Save. Using Command Prompt in Windows Press the Win + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type cmd and press Enter or click/tap OK Type text "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools\NvCameraEnable.exe" off Press Enter
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    Hey guys, we were busy working in the Background and have some news for u about the changes we made. We decided to clean up our whole Client, sadly u have to redownload it via the Launcher or over our Contend Delivery Network. But don't worry - the Client is just around 2.92GB "big" as for now. As we cleaned up our Client, we will soon start to bring new, totaly unique Content to Zombie Hunters. What happend in Patch #8: Removed following Maps for now: Hangar, Aircraft Carrier, Cliffside, Clearview, Rocky Ford, Nevada. We working on a big overhaul on all of this PvP Maps. Updated new AKM Weapon Model. Updated new HK416 Weapon. Updated K-Style/NVG Helmets. Added new Gas Mask. Updated Stanag Magazines. Several Changes / Bugfixes are made on Colorado V2. New Zombie Hunters Client via ZH-CDN2.
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    Fixed Vehicle(s) Camera view mode(left mouse key) when you in any Vehicle(s) and press the TAB-key. Fixed Vehicle(s) control when pressing TAB and it was impossible to control any Vehicle(s). Fixed player movement when the player list is active (TAB-key) - sometime Player movement would stop if you used the Mission Menu before. Fixed Gasmask view if you in any Vehicle(s). Fixed Chat for cyrillic symbols. Added an Compass bar - you can turn it on / off with the F8-key. Added new skin for Regular Guy Character. GD conversion rate now 1GC = 80GD. Personal locker Price has been changed to 10000GD. Enabled barricades on Hangar and Aircraft maps. Added Battlezone System. Be carefull! If you leave the Battlezone (glitch out of the Map somehow), you will die! Reworked Colorado V2 for optimize FPS, less Ram usage, less Texture Memory usage. Removed unnecessary objects, temprory removed Glenwood Springs location, removed green moss elements from buildings.
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    Added Halloween Zombie(s) with some chances of dropping loot. Added Halloween location(s) to Colorado V2. Added Halloween Themed Music at the Menu(s). Added more Scary Sound trigger areas to Colorado V2. Doubled XP and GD in general over the Halloween Event. Added Inventory/General Store access while respawn - only for Premium Accounts for now. Changed spawn protection time for PVP Server(s). Barricades are not allowed on Hangar and Aircraft map(s). Changed prices for Bandages DX to 1500 GD || Medkit to 2000 GD. AA-12 reduced damage from 22 to 16. Double Barrel reduced damage from 20 to 15. MOSSBERG 590 reduced damage from 24 to 18. SAIGA reduced damage from 27 to 20. KT DECIDER reduced damage from 25 to 18. McMillan CS5 reduced damage from 140 to 130. Now headshots are detect correctly. Fixed a bug where Survivor(s) could create too short names. Disabled some raycast checks that you can properly see items (when the item is stuck in a collision). Stamina now recovers twice as fast. Fixed Zombie indicator while respawn and spawn protection is active. Fixed Player rotation bug - when you could not rotate after changing your Character's skin. Optimized the Fastload System - in the next Patch we will make it smoother while driving any Vehicle. Optimized the Shadows in General. Disabled the FPS Increase Button, as we found out that it messed too much up, we will work on to bring it back, but totaly bug free. Adressed why from time to time the Game crashing while open the Serverbrowser, please leave us some Feedback if this still happens to u.
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    Update at 13:00 (CEST): We will reboot the Server(s) real quick to fix a issue with our FastLoad System on High Game Settings! Update at 13:05 (CEST): Server(s) are back Online!
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    Fixed Premium flags. Now all players can see premium icons. Fixed TPS Camera for Gas Mask when player is swimming (from justeez report - thanks!) All Servers have been the doubled amount of Vehicle spawns. Disabled chat ban system on swearing. Added Bandages/C01-Vaccine to zombie drops. Trade Zone server temporarily disabled. Disabled Weapon drop when player is swimming (G key). Enabled Fullscreen Option to the Game, as some player reported they might get better FPS from it over Window / Boarderless Window mode. - Needs further investigation. Changed Lightning on ColoradoV2 (Please leave us some feedback!) Increase FPS Option will from now disable SSAO Optimisations. Decreased Vehicle Respawn Rate from 7200 to 600 seconds. Our focus will now be to fix the last crash related bugs what u guys found and reported!
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    Game Related: Fixed Vehicles behavior after the Player respawns and entered any Vehicle as passenger, they wont fly away anymore. Fixed AMD GPU's related Particle(s) Bugs. Fixed a Bug in the Frontend Menus what could cause a random Crash from time to time. Fixed a Bug about Crash Reports. From now on MiniDump.dmp files will be created again, what help us to Improve the Game by alot. Improved Gameserver(s) Performance and the Load caused per single Gameserver pro CPU Core by around 50%. We are able to host alot more Gameserver(s) per Dedicated Server from now. Small Anticheat improvements were done. Added "Drop Weapon" Function - Standard Key is "G" to drop. Fixed Ingame Groups related Spawn Bugs if Group Player(s) are in any Vehicle. Improved the item sell System. Website / Panel Related: Rewritten the Register Account, Forgot Password functions at our Webpanel / Website. Soon there will be an Announcement about when the Game goes Public for all!
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    hello there, iam old player from warz, the newz, and your project is rlly encouraging. I just suggest, what u guys think about making a new map? Your own official map ! with new town, new (secret, hidden place ) to loot. its my opinion but i think people are bored to do everytime the same loots locations since 5+ years. You have some good idea, i didn't explore everything you did actually but danger zone, dropbox, locations point are so interesting. I hope your project work, I will try to do my part. Furya.
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    Well people who feel the way you do have to realise that in order for this game to succeed it needs your support. And the best and most important way to support this game is to play it someone has to start playing it to get the playerbase started and if you can't enjoy the game for what it is right now give the devs feedback on what needs to be done, you might not get everthing you wish for and sometimes you won't get it immediately but if nobody knows what you want nobody will be able to realise it. Of course some people might not have the time to support this game with much playtime because they just don't have the time to spare but if you have time to spare and really care about this project and it's success the best thing you can do is to START PLAYING.
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    Hey, here the Patch Notes for our Patch #16. Adressed a kinda rare Vehicle Crash. Reworked the Lightning on ColoradoV2 (Also adressed the Motion Blur and SSAO fails from my Side - sorry for that!) Launcher stores now your Password. U can now also login with ur Email and/or Username via the Launcher. Small Tweak on Vehicles - they wont do any Player Damage from now on, this was requested by the Community several times. Fixed the Ingame Buy GC Button(s), same for currency. Added a brand new Location on ColoradoV2, u should definitely take a look at our awesome Cripple Creek Trainstation! Small Tweaks on our Zombie Spawn Routine have beeing done, Zombies might spawn more accurate when they get killed by the Server when a Player left the Range where Zombies spawning and respawn if a Player enters the place again. EDIT: Here we found some issues in the last second, what delayed the whole Update progress. Updated FMOD Version, to hopefully adress a Crash to FMOD Related stuff. Removed the Items weight count from your Gear, Helmet, and Quickslot bar (Key 3-6) from the General weight counter from your Backpack. Some other small Backend Tweaks have to being done. As usual. Here some Screenshots; In all likelihood the patch will go live in a few hours from now on. The servers will be offline for a maximum of 5 Minutes. Server Status: ONLINE //ZombieHunters DEV-TEAM Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Website: zombie-hunters.com User Panel: UserPanel VK Group: vk.com/zh_game Telegram Group: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
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    Great Idea, see you there.?
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    Hey, guys, we wanted to do a Q&A stream on Saturday 27th of March at 8:30 pm. You can ask there anything you want, and we will answer you as good as we can. Furthermore, we will show you guys who weren't able to play the game during the stress test a few features like the ping system and our mission system. Keep in mind that you have the chance to change something. We're open for all kind of suggestions https://www.smashcast.tv/ZombieHunters See you guys on Saturday. Regards, NoSkill
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    Сегодня речь пойдёт о том, какие изменения произошли со дня старта стадии бета-теста. Нововведения: Новый лаунчер теперь полностью работает и вскоре получит новый, более красивый дизайн. Система команд: Теперь вам нужно нажать клавишу "G" / "H" вместо "Alt" чтобы открыть меню команд. Было так же добавлено новое меню для команд, которое будет появляться с правой стороны экрана. Была добавлена небольшая стрелка над вашей машиной, чтобы вы смогли с лёгкостью понять как из них принадлежит вам. Исправления багов / крашей: Исправлен краш, связанный с ошибкой "bad event 119"! Исправлены краши, связанные с появлением обычных машин! Исправлены баги, связанные с системой команд! Исправлен баг, связанный с анимациями в главном меню! Изменены некоторые настройки, связанные с быстрой загрузкой! Изменения / фиксы: Теперь, когда вы находите оружие на частном / премиум сервере, оно всегда будет с полным магазином. Есть возможность сделать то же самое и для оффициальных серверов! Исправлена орфографическая ошибка "Riffle case". Теперь отображается правильное название "Rifle case". Отключена фукция сброса оружия на клавишу "G". Было принятно решение переработать систему вождения для автомобилей. Она должна стать более плавной. Так же, ведётся работа над устранением проблемы с подвисаниями, когда игрок находится на пассажирском сидении в машине. Изменения карты / лута: Исправлено выпадения лута с зомби. Теперь с каждого зомби должны падать вещи! Уменьшено количество игровых долларов, выпадающих с зомби. Лут на всей карте будет переработан в следующие несколько дней. Добавлены точки появления машин. Найденные проблемы: Нам удалось найти проблему, из-за которой не восстанавливалась выносливость, когда игрок находился в машине. Она будет исправлена в следующем обновлении! Ведётся работа над устранением ошибки с "Супер-зомби" и "Супер-зомби мутантами", когда они появляются сразу же после того, как их убивают. Если у вас остались какие-либо вопросы - можете задать их здесь! //Команда разработчиков Zombie Hunters Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Веб-сайт: zombie-hunters.com Личный кабинет: UserPanel Группа Вконтакте: vk.com/zh_game Группа в Телеграме: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
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    Дорогие игроки, Мы хотим рассказать вас о всех изменениях, которые произошли за последние недели с тех пор, как мы начали работать над игрой нашим новым составом. Что ж, давайте приступим! Новые фичи: Внутриигровой респавн вернулся. (Нам удалось исправить все проблемы, связанные с системой респавна непосредственно в игровом мире) Быстрая загрузка! Мы всё ещё пытаемся оптимизировать данную систему, чтобы сделать её работу настолько стабильной, насколько это возможно! Добавлены 3 новые машины! Добавили некоторые фичи. Подробнее об этом ниже! Зомби теперь спавнятся только, если персонаж находится в зоне их спавна. Добавлены новые виды оружия, такие как: Honey Badger Custom, Печенег и многие другие. Обновлён «Личный кабинет»! Обновление текстур уже на подходе, чтобы придать более пост апокалиптическую атмосферу. Мы так же добавили абсолютно новую фичу, которая позволяет вам отметить позиции на мини-карте! Так же, Вы можете отметить точку перед собой для членов своей команды, чтобы они смогли точно понять о чём или о ком идёт речь. Вместо лишних слов я оставлю GIF, чтобы всем было понятнее о чём идёт речь! https://gyazo.com/d4cbfcbf56735b234d232233af3b0413 Был заменён старый RakNet (сетевой движок) на SlikNet, в котором исправлено множество багов, исправлено переполнение буфера обмена и многое другое. Исправлено несколько ошибок во FrontEnd (Scaleform), к которому были адресованы ошибки Actionscript 3. Исправления багов/крашей: Нам удалось исправить множество багов, связанных с машинами, так как мы переработали 80% всей системы машин! Краши, связанные с PhysX были исправлены! Но мы всё ещё ищем некоторые вещи, связанные с PhysX. Исправлены некоторые баги, связанные с ускорением работы графического процессора. Это значит, что у вас теперь должна быть более хорошая производительность! Несколько других крашей так же были обнаружены и исправлены. Сейчас Мы тщательно работаем над устранением последнего оставшегося краша. К сожалению, он возникает абсолютно случайно и это сложно исправить, так как у всех игроков одновременно зависает или крашит игра. Но мы на правильном пути! Исправлены некоторые проблемы, связанные с картой, такие как: расстояние рендеринга 90% всех объектов, проблемы с коллизией, проблемы с LOD’ами. Новое окружение: Наш разработчик, занимающийся окружением, работает почти 24/7, чтобы внести в игру обновлённые текстуры и создать атмосферу пост апокалипсиса. Ниже приведены примеры того, что скоро будет добавлено в игру. Если у вас есть какие-то вопросы, вы можете спокойно задать их нам здесь! С уважением, Команда разработчиков Zombie Hunters. Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Сайт: zombie-hunters.com Личный кабинет: UserPanel Сообщество Вконтакте: vk.com/zh_game Группа в Телеграме: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
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    I have recently seen this game and im quite impressed by the assets (thats all i have seens so far). I would really like to try all of the features in this game. Knowing what Alex and aLca are capable of, Im really interested in trying it (You might know me from RaGEZONE, been there actively since 2014). I am also a part of the dev team of other emulator so I know where to look and what should i focus on while testing.
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    Hype, best iss 2k19
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    Support iZ dA !!! ?
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    Updated Anticheat Reworked Zombie Spawn Logic (Zombies wont spawn if no player is near a Zombie Spawn. If a Player leaves the Radius where Zombies occur, they will die. This will drasticly increase Server Performance, also Client Performance) Small GPU Backbuffer Tweaks have be done, results are; FXAA Antialising is working properly, also FPS increased by up to 15%
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    Improved the Anticheat - Fixed Cheat Engine Nameplates (ESP) Hack. Decreaed the Prices for Characters from 50.000$ to 5.000$.
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    Забыли пароль от аккаунта и не знаете что делать? Не беда! Шаг 1: Проходим по ссылке https://password.zombie-hunters.com Шаг 2: Жмём на "Forgot Password" Шаг 3: Вводим ваш почтовый адрес. Шаг 4: Переходим в вашу почту. Шаг 5: Жмём по ссылке в письме. Шаг 6: Вводим новый пароль.
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    Доброго времени суток выжившие! Сегодня я вам расскажу как создать игровой аккаунт. Шаг 1: Проходим по https://register.zombie-hunters.com Шаг 2: Жмём "Create Account" Шаг 3: Введите свою почту, юзернеим, и 2 раза пароль. Шаг 4: На указанную вами почту придёт письмо. Шаг 5: Подтвердите свой аккаунт. Шаг 6: Поздравляем, ваш игровой аккаунт готов, можно играть! Видео инструкция - Регистрация аккаунта на Zombie Hunters
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    Hey guys, Patch 18.2 will roll out soon(tm). Spawn Protection adjusted to 20 Seconds for PVP Map(s), and 30 Seconds for Colorado. The Vehicle "Locked" Bug has being fixed, random Cars spread over Colorado should not longer being "locked" by default. Fixed the Vehicles Bug about not driveable on Roads, curbstones, and so on. As it turned out, it needs further investigations. Thats also the reason for the delay why server's still offline. Also we will do a a 50% 100% more Gamedollar and XP Weekend, it start just now, happy farming!
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    Hey guys, Patch 18.1 will be live in a few. Barricades on PVP Server(s) will now last only 5 Minutes. Spawn Protection on PVP Servers will only last 10 Seconds from now on. Spawn Protection on other Servers have being reduced to 30 Seconds (from 45). Spawn Protection Status Icon is now sync with the Spawnprotection Timer. Small other Tweaks have being done, Async Loading, Hardware Shadows, disabled some Particles, and so on. Fixed a issue what was causing false positive Bans.
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    Hey guys, small after midnight hotfix will hit the Server soon™. Adressed the NSE Anticheat Blue screen of Death issue. Adressed the Battlezone Bug at Survival Outpost Safezone. Adressed a Bug on the new weight Logic, u wont drop Items anymore by accident, Gear / Helmets u wear wont be counted on your Backpack anymore. Updated the CrashReport Sender to Version 1.4.3_r1645. It should give us now some more accurate Output, what makes it easier for us Adress existing Bugs / Crashes. Adressed a small issue at our Daily Lottery System. It should from now on again doing the Lottery at 12:00 AM. Furthermore, our Asset Guy @Crymearsworking his Ass off, soon™ there will be some realy nice Bomb what we can present. Can't spoil too much for now (cuz some other game keeps syping here, to steal our Ideas), but it seems very promising! Stay tuned and keep check out our Forum's in the near Future! Also, one of our highly trained Apes is working on Multithreading for our Fastload system. Expect some Infos about that also pretty soon. After some unseen complications ist the Server back Online! Server Status: ONLINE
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    About the Anticheat, atm. we have some bought Services, and some kind of my Custom Stuff. In the near Future i will make it even more Complex for all the reverser out there. So, for now dont worry. If anything gets bypassed, i will relativley quickly notice it, to bring more Custom Stuff into the Game if needed.
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    Hey, 1. You will be able to rent private servers, but for now, we disabled this feature. More Infos about this are coming soon. 2. Thank you for the kind words Best regards SkillerFreak
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    Update at 13:55 (CEST) Updated Shadows on Coloradov2 - it should improve the Overall Performance. Fixed a Bug at our Servers about Timeout on Joining the Game with Enabled Fastload on High/Ultra Settings. (Sadly it has still some issues, we are on it to fix it!) Updated Fastload System - it will cause alot less lag / stuttering on Loading Objects near u. Improved some overall Settings on ColoradoV2 As Example; Screenshot made on this Settings.
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