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Found 1 result

  1. We know how NewZ works and the absurd amount of loot that ceases to be a survival game for a PVP game. Unfortunately we no longer look at the spirit of survival in Infestation, I see this game as a gateway to a game with the ability to deliver to its players that spirit as formerly in the late WarZ. My suggestions for improvement start with the present market within the game. I believe that with the withdrawal of certain items the difficulty of finding them will be absurdly greater, we see helmets, ammunition and medicines that should not be there, in a few weeks will have players with a large amount of loot only with buying in the store, the store is an enemy of the word "Survival." Another observation mine during these 3 days of game, is in relation to the loot of the game, I played on both "Premium" and "Normal" servers. And I see that, the loot is difficult, but when you find something, it's something that should be hard to find, making the rifles harder to find, weapons like submachine guns and pistols easier. makes everything more complicated. In addition to the zombies, I found great movement, behavior and damage that are attacked in you player, the amount of zombie is good, if it can increase by 5% the amount of zombies can get better. However drugs that fall from zombies are very common, I believe that decreasing the drop of medication can make the game more difficult. The money that falls from the zombie, is another problem, the range between 650 to 950 of money I think high, in few days of game, you can easily 1M of money, and with the intens that are in the store, soon you will have much loot because of that, and because it's a game focused on survival, that's a sin. In relation to the vehicles, the alarm system is sensational, but the amount of them is high, I do not know if it is bad or good, but the alarm system is incredible, and the system of having a vehicle for you is unbelievable. Well my suggestion and feedback regarding the game is this, there are other things that I wanted to mention along with details but it will not be useful, I'm loving the game, I like the optimization, the lighting and the image that you gave the game, the modification of some weapons and skins of clothes, to skins of zombies, the system of lottery is interesting but I still have not seen how it works, and the theme of WarZ is adorable! Thanks to everyone who has read everything here, and sorry if I said something that was offensive, I just want the good of the game, so I bothered to write all this, right? Good luck to the game, inside the game I am called TheBlack, and good survival to everyone!
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