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  1. Still no ETA. We will inform all of u when the time has come.
  2. Hi, unfortunately I have to deliver bad news to you, as I have just learned, our esteemed friend and developer Alexei (@AlexRedd) died of a heart attack that night. Rest in Peace, well all will miss u!
  3. HERE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS VIDEO! Just hit the Link. If u have trouble watching it, keep it on "Pause" for a few minutes for better Playback.
  4. It's a long time ago that we have given information from us. At the moment it is not so easy. 3 people from the team still have Real Life difficulties, but for some reason, I do not want to go any further here. But since it was rumored here and there that we stay offline, I have to make it out of the world. We will go online again when the time comes, and our Staff is back to his old Strenght. Here are a few pictures, what we have done in the meantime. Including a completely new map, 4x4 square kilometers. Here is the link to the album: https://imgur.com/a/Wa6ejiE See ya soon @everyone, ZH Staff
  5. aLca

    Patch Notes #19

    Small Update: We fixed the Ambient Sounds on our PvP Map.
  6. aLca

    Patch Notes #18

    Hey guys, Patch 18.3 will roll out in round about 30 Minutes from now. We have adjusted alot since yesterday, found and resolved some suspect behaviours, and more. @AlexReddwas able to figure out why exactly that "Vehicle Locked", "Cant enter Vehicle" stuff occured. Client & Server were not Sync (see picture below). Took him a moment to find out. Other then that, i took the time to review the existing Vehicle Code, and gave it another overhaul, we are confident now that we have also fixed the last existing bugs, if not, dont hessitate to give us Feedback. Servers will be back Online soon.
  7. aLca

    Patch Notes #18

    Hey guys, Patch 18.2 will roll out soon(tm). Spawn Protection adjusted to 20 Seconds for PVP Map(s), and 30 Seconds for Colorado. The Vehicle "Locked" Bug has being fixed, random Cars spread over Colorado should not longer being "locked" by default. Fixed the Vehicles Bug about not driveable on Roads, curbstones, and so on. As it turned out, it needs further investigations. Thats also the reason for the delay why server's still offline. Also we will do a a 50% 100% more Gamedollar and XP Weekend, it start just now, happy farming!
  8. aLca

    Patch Notes #18

    Hey guys, Patch 18.1 will be live in a few. Barricades on PVP Server(s) will now last only 5 Minutes. Spawn Protection on PVP Servers will only last 10 Seconds from now on. Spawn Protection on other Servers have being reduced to 30 Seconds (from 45). Spawn Protection Status Icon is now sync with the Spawnprotection Timer. Small other Tweaks have being done, Async Loading, Hardware Shadows, disabled some Particles, and so on. Fixed a issue what was causing false positive Bans.
  9. aLca

    Patch Notes #18

    Hey guys, it's being a while as we published a new Patch, so here we go for the (Pre-)Patchnotes what we will deploy tomorrow between 02-04PM~ CEST. First of all, we heard your Feedback guys! We will start with implement what u guys want. As example: Safezone everywhere, as it's pretty obvious from the survey we started. The Notes arent that big of new cool features for now, as we had several other issues to adress first. But after rain comes sunshine! Here we go; More and more Multhreading has being implemented. CPU Cores >4 will being used from now. Same for GPU Usage, we will continue to extend it. The Vehicle Crashes have being adressed and fully fixed. (Atleast our Team didnt had any Crashes anymore in our testing phase, as i for example was driving multiple times over the whole Map). If u still get some issues, dont hessitate to Report it. Lottery System has now a max. Limit of 25 Tickets / Account, to give new players a chance too to win the pot. (As requested from the Community) Ingame Hud Icons have being reworked. Fixed a issue at our Airdrop System. Removed "Brand New" Tag for Weapons. (As requested from the Community) Disable / Enable Compass and Minimap settings getting now saved into your Config Files. The "Autorun" function will from now start sprinting when u have Engery for. (As requested from the Community) Inventory everywhere (As requested from the Community) Small Tweaks have being done on ColoradoV2 (As reported from the Community) The Reputation System has being fixed*. (As reported from the Community) * Sadly we couldnt test it but we are confident that it will work as it should. We will introduce our first PVP / Event Map, welcome to Quarantine Zone! Here are some impressions. If any of u guys havent take note of our Feedback Survey already, check this thread out here; Ps; We're aware of it that some of Threads of our Forum seem being broken, will fix it in the next Days.
  10. Sorry for the late answer, but did u try to reset ur Password? If yes, please send me ur Account Name, and i can take a look at.
  11. aLca

    Fix car

    We're debugging that right now, as we might finally found the issue.
  12. aLca

    Fix car

    Ahh, that's what u mean. Yes, Vehicles have to be repaired too 100%, and be full with gasoline before u can pick it up!
  13. aLca

    Fix car

    It should be adressed in next Patch. Atleast we didnt got anything related to this issue anymore while testing.
  14. Can u post a r3dlog pls after it happend?
  15. Please open a Ticket at: https://support.zombie-hunters.com/ /Closed.
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