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  1. I agree on the point with the events. I had a few plans but I couldn't realize them yet due to the fact that the event map isn't finished. As you already stated above and me few days ago that some of us do have a real life and things can't get realized that fast. I'll promise you right now that tomorrow I'm going to do an even either on Colorado or on the event map depends if the map is finished. Well I think that the most of us are just used to all the other emulators or newz. They're used to the "fast pvp" like on Rocky Ford or other small maps. The event map is most likely finished and I'm sure players will start playing on it when I start doing events there. I'm also sure that other players from our Discord will join then as long as there is pvp. People are also tired of Colorado v2 as I already have talked with a lot players. An other problem is also that some players are enjoying pvp in Clearview for example and other players hate Clearview. So basically if pvp goes on in Clearview other people who don't like pvp in Clearview won't hop in to pvp there. Some of the players are just afraid joining a server because the server is just empty at the moment but this will definitely change soon! Regards, Noskill
  2. First thanks for the report, that's not our intention to have a battle zone right there. Secondly, could you dm me on discord regarding your loot? Regards, Noskill
  3. Wow, great feedback and awesome ideas! I can't discuss that with you now but I will as soon as I'm at home for sure! Keep it up guys, it's really appreciated. BTW, we're going to create a forum post on rage zone regarding our game, so we have just to share the link to everyone we know. Stay tuned for more information. Best regards, NoSkillJustLuck
  4. First, thanks for your feedback. I personally really appreciate such feedback from players. We're planing in adding new areas but I won't spoiler that much hehe Regarding safe zones "tradeserver" we're going to make a poll where the community can vote if it should be implemented or not. Anyway, keep up the good feedback it's really appreciated! Best regards, NoSkillJustLuck
  5. Therefore we have a 3d model designer which is only responsible for this kind of progress. We do have more people who are responsible for game content. Anyway thanks for the feedback, really appreciated! Regards, Noskill
  6. Hey, guys, we wanted to do a Q&A stream on Saturday 27th of March at 8:30 pm. You can ask there anything you want, and we will answer you as good as we can. Furthermore, we will show you guys who weren't able to play the game during the stress test a few features like the ping system and our mission system. Keep in mind that you have the chance to change something. We're open for all kind of suggestions https://www.smashcast.tv/ZombieHunters See you guys on Saturday. Regards, NoSkill
  7. Dear community, It's time to announce a few information regarding the beta test phase which will start tomorrow at 8:00 pm ETC Why are we running a beta phase? We're running the beta phase to gain feedback from YOU guys to make the game better. Therefore we need information such as - how's the loot on official server - how's the performance while you're playing the game - how are the new features ingame We need basically every single bug / crash report from you to provide a great game before we release the game for everyone. We will also take suggestions / ideas really serious in case you have some. Keep in mind that the beta test phase is a test, so you won't get any advantage towards other players. We need to wipe the testers global inventory as soon as the beta test has been finished. We also think about some rewards for you guys but we're not sure what kind of rewards you'll get. Don't worry about that we will reward you guys for the great support and we really do appreciate your feedback. Alright guys, just comment below why we should chose you for the beta test phase and we will announce it on our forums who will be a part of it. Regards, // Zombie Hunters DEV TEAM
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