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    Pm me your Email
  2. Hey, are you crashing with both (Fasload On/Off). If so please keep sending the crash report. We are looking into it! Best regards SkillerFreak
  3. Hey, 1. You will be able to rent private servers, but for now, we disabled this feature. More Infos about this are coming soon. 2. Thank you for the kind words Best regards SkillerFreak
  4. These are the official game rules for Zombie Hunters 1. Cheating: Cheating will always be dealt with an instant PERMANENT ban. We DON'T have to present YOU any kind of evidence of you cheating. 2. Respecting authorities in the game servers: Developers and Moderators are authorities. Respect them! Trash Talking or bad mouthing authorities will get you punished! The offense strength will decide how long you'll get banned! If you feel you've been treated unfairly by a Moderator/Developer, contact us through our Support System. 3. Names: Racist- and offensive names will lead into a ban, till you agree to change your character name or delete said named character. (We don't provide you GC to do so!) Cloning any names of a staff member is a bannable offense and will result in an instant ban without a second chance to get unbanned! Pretending to be a staff member for any reason will also result in a ban. 4. Regarding bans: If you got banned temporarily, you will automatically get unbanned whenever your ban runs out If you get temporarily banned, you have to wait the time set. Anyone can appeal their bans. By appealing it, the ban will go under review and you will get a response. If you are banned temporarily and try to evade that ban rather than appealing it, you will be permanently banned. 5. Refunds: If you refund any purchase made, you will be automatically banned. If you had an issue (GC not delivered) and would like it reviewed, please contact us through our Support System for further support. There will be no unbans for people who refund purchases. 6. Lost items due to bugs: Items lost due to Server bugs and/or crashes will NOT be replaced on demand. They will only be replaced if: You can prove the issue was on our side (connection interruption) It was a bug in the game and not on the computer. There is no use spamming us to ask for a replacement if you cannot prove the item was lost. For example, your game crashes and your car disappears. There is no way for us to check the veracity of that, since the server registered you going into the server, placing a car and then leaving the server. 7. Scamming: Scamming is punishable by a ban. You need to prove that you were scammed by someone in order for us to take action. Scams using outside currency will NOT have our help. 8. Glitching: Abusing any kind of glitch or bug to take advantage is bannable. 9. Macros: Abusing macros is bannable. Any kind of macro that helps you shoot/aim will get you banned permanently. 10. Rep Boosting: You are NOT allowed to kill friends over and over again only to gain positions on the leaderboards. If you are caught/proven to be rep boosting, you will have your reputation completely wiped and GD will be removed. If you are caught for the second time, your character will be DELETED. If you are caught for the third time, you will be permanently banned. Rules are subject to changes without notice! //Zombie Hunters DEV-TEAM
  5. Dear Community, we want to inform you about all the changes which happened in the last days. Let's jump into it! (Some info regarding the Moderator application is down in the "to-do" section) New Features: Added a new feature called "Dynamic Crosshairs" some of our crosshairs now interact if you spray, the crosshair gets "bigger". Added window borderless mode. We added a new SuperZombie Model which is harder to kill, but you can get better loot! Added a cutscene if you start the game! Added a Loadout System! U can now Save ur Favorite Items, and Load them with a few simple Clicks. The function to load a Loadout while ure Dead and in the Respawn Screen can u expect with the next Major Patch. Bug / Crash fixes: Fixed a bug/crash related to reloading a gun. This was a weird bug, but we found the issue and fixed it! Reduces CPU usage from the Launcher and Client! Fixed a crash which you got if you are close to Frosty Pines! We fixed a lot of crashes/bugs related to our Fastload system! We are still working hard on finding the last crashes to get a stable game Changes / Fixes: Fixed that the "Mutant Super Zombie and SuperZombie" respawned instant after it got killed. Fixed some stuff related to the anti-cheat system. Due to community feedback did we rework the marketplace. Loot / Map changes: Added flashbangs to the Loot table. Reworked some loot spawns all over the Colorado V2 map. Fixed terrain issues all over the Colorado V2 map. Reduced the amount of the Gamedollar drops from Zombies (a tiny bit). To-do: We are currently reworking the tree collisions, the reason for this is that the collisions are not fitting the actual model. During the Beta test, we said that there will be a new UI with the release but unfortunately, we are not done with it. We will release it as soon as we finished it! We are also still working on the rewards for the Beta testers, we will add them as soon as they are ready! We are currently working on a new area for Colorado V2. It's still being created at the moment so we probably include it within the next patch! Keep in mind that we're investing our free time to develop the game so therefore we're looking for Moderators. If you think that you can fit in our Team and you have knowledge how to "Moderate a game" feel free to fill out our Application form! Due to some technical issues the donation system has been disabled. More Infos here: If you have any question feel free to ask us here! //ZombieHunters DEV-TEAM Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Website: zombie-hunters.com User Panel: UserPanel VK Group: vk.com/zh_game Telegram Group: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
  6. Dear Community, we want to inform you about all the changes which happened in the last days. Since the start of our "Beta Phase". Let's jump into it! New Features: The new Launcher is now fully functional and will get a better-looking design really soon! The CommCall System: We change that you need to press "G" / "H" instead of "Alt" to open the CommCall menu. We also added the new UI for it on the right side of your Screen. & We added a little arrow above your Cars so you can see easily which are is yours. Bug / Crash fixes: Fixed the crashes related to "bad event 119"! Fixed the crashes related to the "normal" spawning cars! Fixed the bugs related to the "CommCalls" system! Fixed a bug related to the Animations in the Main-Menu! Tweaked some settings related to the Fast-Load system! Changes / Fixes: Added that if you find a Gun on a Private / Premium Server that the Weapon is always full. (We might change this also for Official Servers!) Fixed the misspelled "Riffle Case" it's now showing the original name "Rifle Case". Disabled the function that you can instantly drop your Weapon with the key "G". We decided to rework a function for the driver in a vehicle. It should be smoother than before. We are also investigating the issue for the co-driver getting this weird lags! Loot / Map changes: Fixed the Zombie drops. All Zombies should now drop Items again! Decreased the amount of GD which a Zombie can drop. The Loot of the whole map will be reworked in the next days, it's too much work for one day sry. Added Car spawns Found issues: We are still investigating the issue with the "Mutant Super-Zombie and Super-Zombie" that they instantly respawn after they get killed. If you have any question feel free to ask us here! //ZombieHunters DEV-TEAM Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Website: zombie-hunters.com User Panel: UserPanel VK Group: vk.com/zh_game Telegram Group: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
  7. Dear Community, we want to inform you about all the changes which happened in the last weeks. Since "we" started working on the game with our new Team (more infos here). Let's jump into it! New Features: Ingame Respawn is back. (We were able to fix all the issues regarding the respawn system) Fast load! We are still trying to optimize this system, to make it as smooth as possible! We added 3 New Vehicles! + Added some features + More in the Bug/Crash fixes section! Zombies are only spawning if a player is in the radius of the Zombie spawn location. We added some new Weapons such as: Honey Badger Custom, Pecheneg, and many more! New User Panel! New Nature Assets are on the way to get more of the Apocalyptic feeling We've added a brand new feature which lets you mark positions on the map! Basically, you can mark a point in front of you for your teammates to make a ''callout''. Enough said I'll post this GIF to make the small progress clear for everybody in here! https://gyazo.com/d4cbfcbf56735b234d232233af3b0413 Removed the old RakNet (Network Engine) with SlikNet, it has lots of bug fixes, buffer overflows are fixed, and many more. Fixed a handful of Bugs on the FrontEnd (Scaleform), know Actionscript 3 Bugs have been adressed. Bug / Crash fixes: We were able to fix many of the Car crashes since we reworked 80% of the Car System! PhysX related Crashes have been fixed! We are still investigating some stuff related to PhysX. We fixed some bugs related to the "GPU buffer" you should have better performance overall now! A handful of other Crashes have been spotted and fixed too. We're working hard to fix the last remaining Crash. Unfortunately, this is absolutely random, and is tricky to fix, as all Player around Crash / Freeze at the same time. But we are on a good way! Fixed some map relates issue such as: render distance of 90% of all Objects, Collection issues, LOD issues. New Assets: Our Main Asset Developer is working almost 24/7 to bring some new look&feel to the Game, here is a small Example what SooN™ will be added ingame. If you have any question feel free to ask us here! //ZombieHunters DEV-TEAM Discord: https://discord.me/zombiehunters Website: zombie-hunters.com User Panel: UserPanel VK Group: vk.com/zh_game Telegram Group: t.me/Zombie_Hunters
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