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  1. It's me again, I've gotta say that you guys really didn't disappoint. After only having played a few hours, I can already tell that this game is wayyy better than all the other emulators we have seen so far. Everything that was newly implemented works great. All the new scripts and items really feel like they were always there and don't seem out of place like in other reboots of the game. Whilest playing the game I, for whatever reason, remembered the so called "Area 69" from NewZ. Me and my friends absolutely loved the idea of a really big military area, cramped with loot and zombies. It would be great to see something similar in this game. Maybe with the introduction of Caliwood? Already having seen the new trainstation, I'm certain you guys can pull it of, even surpassing the already pretty good Area 69. Also, another forum member has mentioned something about trade servers. I think that's a great idea. Trading is something that I personally remember to be kinda hard, when you only have safezones to do so. Anyways keep it up guys ?
  2. Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm super hyped for Zombie Hunters. Finally someone who's competent managed to create a reboot of the amazing game, we all loved back in it's day. The sad truth is that, as we all know, the original I:SS died due to being neglected by its developers and as a cosequence of that, a massive influx of cheaters. What worries me though is not neglectance but the ladder, which brings me right to my question: How good is the anti-cheat of this game going to be? Of course, cheaters are going to be inevitable but still, do you guys have any experience in that field? It would be a shame to see this game brought to its knees by cheaters. My other question is about private servers. Are you planning on introducing an option to rent servers like in the original game or are we even going to get an option to create our own ones? I just learned of this game a few days ago and haven't managed to dive deeper into its contents or patchnotes. If the answers to any of my questions were already covered in a previous post, I'm really sorry for wasting your time. Besides from that, I'm really hoping this game turns out better than other I:SS reboots but it's looking very promising so far. I wish the developers best of luck for the future and if this game does indeed turn out to be as good as it looks, I'll be sure to support it as best as I can. Thank's in advance ?
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