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  1. Befor I take statement on anything you've said I want to make clear that I am rather seeking a more PvP oriented experience then a, what feels in my opinion to sluggish, hardcore ( DayZ-ish ) survival experience. I fully agree that there has to be value in items but I myself would like to go about it in a different way. 1. I wouldn't say that the store is an enemy of the word "Survival" or at least not of this game, since WarZ was always about getting the balance between PVE and PVP right. If you take every truly valuable item out of the store or price them at ridiculous prices the store becomes irrelevant to players which in turn means that PVE becomes irrelevant to players ( at least to those who are full skilled ). The balance between PVE and PVP would be destroyed and the game would effectively be reduced to PVP alone. 2. As long as there is any half decent assault rifle that's reasonably easy to find SMGs ( pistols not so much because they don't share their weapon slots with primaries ) will just be labeled "trash items". I think as of right now we have an indirect split between rare and common rifles, common being everything that can be found ( except L85 which is arguably rare aswell ) and rare being rifles like MASADA in the rifle box since they can only be obtained through those. I personally could imagine a 3 way split in terms of rarity. - Common rifles found as loot in the world - Rare rifles found as loot in the world - Rifles limited to assault cases only 3. I totally agree with the slight increase in overall zombies. Regarding the amount of dropped money they could really do whatever since it all depends on the pricing of items anyways. 1x 5$ - price 50$ = 10 drops 1x 200$ - price 2000$ = 10 drops
  2. Well people who feel the way you do have to realise that in order for this game to succeed it needs your support. And the best and most important way to support this game is to play it someone has to start playing it to get the playerbase started and if you can't enjoy the game for what it is right now give the devs feedback on what needs to be done, you might not get everthing you wish for and sometimes you won't get it immediately but if nobody knows what you want nobody will be able to realise it. Of course some people might not have the time to support this game with much playtime because they just don't have the time to spare but if you have time to spare and really care about this project and it's success the best thing you can do is to START PLAYING.
  3. The way I see it is that Zombie Hunters has the opportunity to create an experience right in between NewZs survival and open world experience that could hit the sweetspot for the right audience ( me included ) but they are going about it the wrong way ( as of right now ) the game functions but is barely shaped at all so that it doesn't have any distict experience to it at all. The game should have been shaped pre release and promotion. But I also think that some quickly realisable changes could start to roughly shape it and give at least a hint at the experience we have to expect with the finished product ( well emulators are an infinite work in progress but you get the idea ). If the devs are able to accomplish that the "success" of this game probably depends on two things: 1. That we have enough interessted community members to get a "sustainable" playerbase started 2. We can get PvP started. ( as I said more about that in a later thread )
  4. I am very well aware that the playbase is still building up right now but at the same time I see 200+ online members in the discord server while there is only 1-5 players actually playing the game which means that ~98% of the community is not satisfied enough with the current state of the game. I know that you can't expect everyone to play the game at all time but the current rate of active players is still way to low. That's why I want to ask you what keeps you from playing the game, why do you not enjoy what the game has to offer right now? The most obvious reason is that there is no players to PvP with and that is a problem that has to be adressed ( which I will most likely do in another thread soon ) but apart from that is there any other major issue with the game that really bothers you?
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