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QOL Improvements + Future Ideas

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First of all I will put stuff into segments: Looting/Survival/Zombies/World/Servers
Each section will have its own "ideas" of improvements and stuff that could be added to improve that section of the game!
Above all else, this topic should serve as inspiration to the ZH-Team when they run out of their own ideas (highly unlikely) and is in NO way a: "Hey dev, you HAVE to add this because I want it to be in the game." Kind of post!
To all ZH players: feel free to add your own opinion/ further develop my ideas and/or add your own in the comments section!

??? ?? ?????:
Quality Of Life Improvements + Future Ideas:

-For now, all I can think of to improve the looting part of the game is add the option to "customize" your Global Inventory, as we all know... "Infestation" has never really had a nice way of sorting the Global Inventory, and that after every log out of the server or restart of the game, all items would just hop back to their "original" spot in the Global Inventory which is annoying for some of us, some of us want our favourite weapons to be at the top and not at the bottom etc. etc.

- ???? ????????!
Some of us want it, some of us don't! Please share your opinion about this one down below! Even a fortification system with different barricade styles to bunker up a house or building would be cool!
-?????????? ?? ?????:
there is already a workbench in the safezones, I am not sure if there is any use for it for now but I am sure that the devs are thinking/working on implementing a durability system to items because of the skillperk to disassemble items for parts etc. which is awesome!
- ? ??? ?????????
I would love to see some kind of horde mode in the future, defending your base against a wave of zombie hordes entering your vicinity to devour your brains.

?? ?? ??? ?? ???? ? ??? ?????? ?????:
-Normal walkers (the stupid zombies)
-Runners (run at you)
-Jumpers (sprint in a cat-like form and then jump at you)
-Screamers (attracts zombies to you)
??? ?? ?????? ? ????????? ?? ??? ????? ??????:
-Normal (Your standard super-zombie)
-Muscle (The Hulk as I like to call him)
-Gas (Gas-Chamber as I like to call him)/ Inside joke pls no ban xD)

-How about a zombie general? it has more health than your usual zombie, but not as near as the super zombies: is able to scream like the screamer zombies to attract "reinforcements" and has increased damage.
 -Zombies should have different health pools: an armored police/soldier zombie should for example have double/triple the health of a normal zombie!

PS:For everyone who doesn't know yet: a new map is being worked on by the ZH-Team (no spoiling) but its going to be awesome! :P
-More interesting loot spots like the latest trainstation (I know its a lot of work but personally it gives the game a more "fresh" feel and I love it :D)
-Rotating secret spot every 2-3 weeks? :D

-Beginner servers (pve for example) should have a max playtime (10-20 hours or so) 
-PvP servers: lots of players loved these types of games because of the fast-paced action! We all know you loved them and we all know you want them back! (But first we need to fix the game itself before stuff like this can get implemented!)

Thank you for reading :D and have a great time Hunting Zombies! :P 


P.S: Make sure to advertise the game anywhere you are able to :P we want as much publicity so it can grow in numbers and we can have more fun in the game :D 


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my ideas:

Loot table is nice! But I think snipers are to common.  Keep SNPs as rare as possible. I already got one and i only played a couple of houres. SNipers are so strong in this game make it that if you want to use one you really dont want to die with it.

Maybe with time add some rare skinned items like ISS THAI did. Some GUNS or GEAR with some funny skins with some + dmg or + protection that you can farm with events or traid. was always fun farming and using them in ISS THAI .

PLease dont add durability --> thats just aids for GI Kappa


New gamemode would be fun but first the game needs to grow. Maybe a 5vs5 match like CSGO would be fun.


I agree with the Zombiechanges. Would be nice to have different types of zombies. Already like the new models of the new ones like the yellow suit zombies. Please remove the selfhealing from the SZ. sometimes the Zombie hiels while im shooting it lol. make that it heals but only after like 8 secends no dmg. Also really like the GAS zombie! its a nice new toxic system so those syriges finally are used. Maybe add like those red zombies from ISS THAI. way stronger than normals but better loot like DX bnd or the swat armor.


I also agree with the PVE Beginner servers. Remove it completly or change it so that people can not always join it. make it PVP only and dont add so many different servers. it will just split playerbase.

Also make a new way smaller map like colorado v3 with only small cities like rocky or smallville. Remove campos and airfield its just aids people caming on big buildings and nobody can push them.

There are so many small places on the map that nobody uses for PVP becouse the loot is so bad there. Maybe add "secret" loot so people are going there maybe.


my other ideas:

- bring more different guns not only "STANAG" guns --> already love the PECHENEG is so fun. Change it up a bit maybe also with different gear. like a different custome type or a stronger one that is very rare but stronger 

- as i said --> make the map WAY smaller. its soo big even for 50 pop servers.

- i know its hard but maybe you find a idea--> clans are taking over. on a 6 pop server there are clans with 4 guys roaming thats not fun if you fight 4 people. New player will just quit the game.

- KEEP SNP RARE ( airdrops are a really good idea. becouse people will go there to fight for it but lower the change of getting SNP) maybe add like more meds, shields or ammo insteed.

- Dont add nodrop server.. more server split playerbase

- add more trees or smaller objects so people can push also without shields. or like get closed to clans without beeing seen. so different playstyles can develop. 

- make binocoulous rare. they are to OP to be so cheap. you can like see everything using them. make them really rare or expensive. so if you want to see far you have the risk loosing them.



I think the game is already better than NEWZ keep it up guys you doing great.


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Wow, great feedback and awesome ideas! I can't discuss that with you now but I will as soon as I'm at home for sure! Keep it up guys, it's really appreciated. BTW, we're going to create a forum post on rage zone regarding our game, so we have just to share the link to everyone we know. Stay tuned for more information. 


Best regards, NoSkillJustLuck 

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