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Crash just after "PLayGame"

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Hello, just after click "playgame" , i see blackscreen and instaly after crash game


Already re install the game

Already run administrator..

Crash with error reporter sofware not anticheat ( maibe)



--- Log started at Sat Nov 24 16:27:07 2018

000001.099| Checking for D3D11
000001.178| Available memory: 16328 MB
000001.195| r3dFS: version:November 22, 2018 22:03, 23595 files
000001.231| r3dFile: can't open local.ini
000001.231| Can't open file "local.ini"
000001.231| readGameOptionsFile: found INI at C:\Users\Erwan\Documents\Zombie Hunters\gameSettings.ini
000001.232| r3dFile: can't open local.ini
000001.232| Can't open file "local.ini"
000001.232| writeGameOptionsFile: Saving settings to C:\Users\Erwan\Documents\Zombie Hunters\gameSettings.ini
000001.244| readInputMap: found file at C:\Users\Erwan\Documents\Zombie Hunters\inputMap.xml
000001.244| writeInputMap: Saving settings to C:\Users\Erwan\Documents\Zombie Hunters\inputMap.xml
000001.245| userSettings: found file at C:\Users\Erwan\Documents\Zombie Hunters\userSettings.xml
000001.245| userSettings: Saving settings to C:\Users\Erwan\Documents\Zombie Hunters\userSettings.xml
000001.246| SOUND: initializing sound system
000001.274| SOUND: '5' sound drivers found
000001.275| SOUND: sound caps = 0xFC, speakermode= 6
000001.275| SOUND: sound driver 'Haut-parleurs (2- Logitech G430 Gaming Headset)'
000001.293| SOUND: sound system ready
000001.293| FMOD: LoadSoundEffects: Loading from Data\Sounds\Sounds.fev
000002.834| Starting voice
000002.875|  Playback device: S273HL (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
000002.875|  Playback device: Haut-parleurs (3- RODE NT-USB)
000002.875|  Playback device:      DTV (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
000002.875|  Playback device: Audio numérique (SPDIF) (Périphérique High Definition Audio)
000002.876|  Playback device: Haut-parleurs (2- Logitech G430 Gaming Headset) (default)
000002.876|  Capture device: Microphone (2- Logitech G430 Gaming Headset)
000002.876|  Capture device: Microphone (HD Pro Webcam C920)
000002.876|  Capture device: CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)
000002.876|  Capture device: Microphone (3- RODE NT-USB) (default)
000002.891| Input Devices enabled: Mouse, Keyboard
000002.952| VMEM As seen through DDRaw: -1024
000002.952| VMEM As seen through WMI: 0
000002.952| Setting mode:  1920x1080x32 Flags=4
000002.977| NVApi successfuly initialized.
000002.977| NVApi: stereo is not available. Stereo driver not installed?
000002.977|  Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
000002.977|   nvldumd.dll
000002.977|  Monitor: \\.\DISPLAY1 (1920x1080)
000002.986|  r3dRenderLayer::SetMode(x=1920,y=1080,bpp=32,windowed=4,hz=60)
000002.988|  Creating d3d device
000003.026|  NVApi: failed to create stereo handle!
000003.027|  GPU supports D3DQUERYTYPE_TIMESTAMP
000003.027|  D3D hack support = NullRT: 1, hwPCF: 1, IntZ: 1, ResZ: 0
000003.028|  We have 4087 MB texture memory
000003.055|  r3dFont: Creating Verdana 10pt
000003.057|  r3dFont: Finished creating Verdana 10pt
000003.060| Loading shaders...
000003.937| Finished loading shaders (0.876941 sec)!
000003.937| GetLogicalProcessorInformation results:
000003.937| Number of NUMA nodes: 1
000003.937| Number of physical processor packages: 1
000003.937| Number of processor cores: 8
000003.937| Number of logical processors: 16
000003.937| Number of processor L1/L2/L3 caches: 16/8/2

000003.938| Started background thread: 17284

Edited by Oosmar02

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Turn off FRAPS / DxTory (only older versions) / Afterburner or anything else like the 3 Programs i listed.

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