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Assets #1 (Working in Progress)

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Hey guys,  as promised here are some props I'm actually working on. Give us some feedback regarding the props below. 



Military Props 
Military_Props (1).jpg
Military_Props (2).jpgMilitary_Props (3).jpg

Military_Tent (1).jpgMilitary_Tent (3).jpgMilitary_Tent (5).jpgMilitary_Tent (6).jpg

Military_Tent_Camo (3).jpgMilitary_Tent_Camo (1).jpgMilitary_Tent_Camo (2).jpg


Cliff Rock
Cliff_Rock (1).jpgCliff_Rock (2).jpg

Environments Props

Env_Props (1).jpgEnv_Props (2).jpgEnv_Props (4).jpg


Fences (1).jpg

Fences (2).jpgFences (33).jpg

Fences (3).jpgFences (4).jpgFences (5).jpg

Fences (6).jpgFences (8).jpgFences (10).jpg



Pines (2).jpgPines (1).jpgPines (3).jpgPines (4).jpgReed.jpg

Fences (9).jpg

Ferns (1).jpg

Ferns (2).jpg

Military_Props (4).jpg

Military_Tent (4).jpg

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The assetsets looking great. Where you got them from, or how you made them. How about a livestream where you work on the game?

i would like to watch that progress,

Maybe you like to share them wiht us (joke ? ).

You are on a good way to give the game a whole new look. ?

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1 hour ago, Arowsky said:

Those assets look great!

But you gotta keep in mind that gameplay feataures are also important :P 

Therefore we have a 3d model designer which is only responsible for this kind of progress. We do have more people who are responsible for game content. Anyway thanks for the feedback, really appreciated! 


Regards, Noskill 

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